Yes, we care about our kid’s health according to, and that is why we think it is really important for them to visit dentist; however, we disregard our own oral health. On the other hand, cavities usually attack during the early years and root canals as well as the periodontal disease appears during adult years. These problems can be more severe if ignored or untreated.
• This is a myth that brushing as well as the flossing can do the magic, but the fact is, both of these are insufficient. If you have oral plaque, then mouthwash can help you remove it. Read the package and follow all the directions before using the mouthwash.
• Note down the timing of your preferred dentist and if he is available on weekends. Most of the people do not visit dentists due to their work so visiting a dental professional on weekend would be great. Always book appointments prior to meetings and don’t forget to take your medical history documents with you.
• Flossing is crucial according to, but most of the people forget this step as they think it is not important to floss daily. Flossing will not provide benefits if not done regularly, so it will be a waste if you don’t floss daily. Do you think your tooth brush can reach every single corner and edges to eject the left over particles? Only flossing can do this job and save you from stain development, enamelware, and gingivitis. Of course, it also affects bad breath.
• You don’t have to brush your teeth every time and brushing excessively can also damage your gums and tissues. The brushing should not exceed thrice a day limit in any chance. Save yourself from serious problems, do not brush more than 3 times a day.
• Quit smoking if you already smoke, because dental care is not possible with smoking. Not only dental health, smoking damages whole body. If you are a smoker then you already know about stains and bad breath, but do you know that it can also damage your gums? This can cause mouth cancer and you can’t even go through a cosmetic surgery, as the anesthesia will not show the effects.
• If you never visited a dentist, then do research about dentistry and search for professional dentists. A good dentist will always give you wise advice, so don’t forget to clear your doubts regarding dental health and dental care.


Eyelid tightening surgery is performed for cosmetic purpose by a plastic surgeon, to remove or decrease sagging or drooping eyelids. Blepharoplasty, the medical term of eyelid tightening is unknown to many people. While Blepharoplasty can be performed on upper, lower, or both eyelids; however, it doesn’t reduce laugh lines or wrinkles.
Patients who choose eyelid surgery are healthy, middle age individuals who want to reduce or remove the drooping around the eyes. If a young person has this problem, it means it is hereditary, but still there are eligible for eyelid surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery; however, it will not change the complete appearance of the person. Therefore, one needs to follow other procedures for more particular results. An assessment by a physician is necessary to determine if eyelid surgery is right for you.

The operation is conducted under local anesthesia to numb the space around the eye. Incisions are made after the natural wrinkles in the upper eyelid and just under the eyelash line on the lower sides. The skin is then segregated from the fatty tissues and unwanted fat is eliminated. It might likewise be important to cut some muscle. The unwanted, drooping skin is then reduced away and the incision is shut up with incredibly fine stitches.

After the operation, patients will feel mild pain and soreness, which can easily be managed through medications. Burning eyes, itchy, or dry eyes aren’t an serious side effect of this operation; however, strong effects may indicate a serious problem. A surgeon will closely screen their patient for more than 10 days following an eyelid surgery, as the infection should not be seen. Eye infection may cause serious troubles, so the monitoring process is essential to see the after effects.

Most patients who experience eyelid tightening are confined from sitting in front of the TV or reading for 2 to 3 days and can come back to work or ordinary lifestyle within 7 to 10 days. However, the recovery period may vary due to the person’s healing ability. Everyone has a different immune system, which means the exact recovery time cannot be assessed before surgery. Pre consultation is important, as this will evaluate the risks involved with eyelid surgery. If a person has infection or a eye condition like glaucoma, then this will increase the risks associated with eyelid tightening surgery.

Every surgery needs proper guidance as well as the assessment to reduce the risk factors. Eyelid cosmetic surgery has a good success rate.

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For most women, having a well-endowed bosom is an ideal asset, if not the most sought after. The standards of beauty often levied towards women have long idealized a voluptuous body, although these ‘trends’ do vary in degree depending on cultural perceptions of the times. Back in the day, well-endowed women who wished not to flaunt their assets had to make do with keeping them ‘under wraps’ – literally, by binding their bosoms with bandages, which often led to extreme discomfort and in some cases injuries.

Recent studies have shown that constrictive clothing or underwear such as the likes that were quite popular in the past (i. e. corsets and tight-fitting bustiers) could possibly result in breast cancer. This brings about a debate over the true benefits of having large breasts and whether or not it becomes prudent on a woman’s part to consider breast reduction.
While it is undeniable that an ample bosom is attractive, there is actually such as thing as too much of it. There are numerous reasons why individuals would choose to undergo breast reduction. In a nutshell, breast reduction surgery is properly termed a lipectomy, and constitutes procedures where in the adipose fat, tissue, and excess skin is excised, and the whole is then restructured through plastic surgery. For frequently asked questions click here. In the past, the surgery often left unsightly scars, although recent advancements in cosmetic surgery have allowed for a near-flawless end result which would have been otherwise impossible decades ago.

Why Opt for Breast Reduction?

While most women would consider being graced with an ample bosom to be the epitome of beauty, there are instances where such graces could actually be more of a hassle than a benefit. For some women, the issue which coaxes them to seek out corrective surgery for their breasts is a psychological and aesthetic reason, more than a medical one. Although there are instances where lipectomy or breast reduction is called for in cases of oversized breasts brought about by medical conditions or heredity.

In most cases, oversized breasts which become a hindrance or which may cause discomfort such as impaired movement or breathing require breast reduction. In some cases, the larger the breasts of an individual, the more difficult it will be for them to move unimpeded. In the aesthetic side of things, breast reduction may be option in order to obtain a far more proportionate breast size in relation to the overall body type, weight, and height of the individual. Irrespective of the reasons for opting for breast reduction surgery, it is nevertheless a safe and reliable procedure that guarantees excellent and near risk-free results.

Still have questions? Contact a board certified plastic surgeon like Bruce Smith MD located in Houston TX.



Everybody wants to stay young forever just like that very popular song. Staying and beautiful forever seems impossible despite all the cosmetics and diets available. One however wonders how Hollywood women keep their youthful look and radiant skin even at old age.

Cosmetic surgery is the solution to staying youthful. If well executed, plastic surgeries will not only revitalize the face; it also transforms your entire life. The advancement in the procedures of plastic surgery have ensured that the recovery process after the surgery takes little while ensuring that patients can go back to their normal lives in very little time. It gets better as no one has to know the secret behind your vibrant look.

Before deciding to go for a procedure, it is important to get the best cosmetic surgeon your money can buy. A board certified facial plastic surgeon can make or mar the result of a plastic surgery so finding a certified and well-experienced surgeon is very important. You might also want to consider your financial options and work out a payment plan suitable for your budget.

A good relationship with your surgeon ensures you come out looking good and attractive. Some persons will go for facelift surgery for a younger appearance while others opt for rhinoplasty in order to reconstruct the nose to their desired shape. Some women even go for a breast implant or breast lift for a sexier shape.

People struggling with weight loss or having excess fat and have tried all possible programs to shed off the unwanted fat with no significant result, might want to go for liposuction. Liposuction helps to remove fat from different parts of the body like the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and the arms or back. Liposuction leaves the patient looking leaner and more toned.

Persons opting for liposuction are usually over the age of 18 and are in overall good health. They should also be non-smokers. Most persons that opt for liposuction struggle to lose weight and battle to get rid of stubborn and therefore go for liposuction in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Plastic surgery and other such procedures like liposuction can give a youthful and confident look even as the patient leads a healthier lifestyle. With the best surgeons, a successful procedure can revitalize your face, self-esteem, confidence and your whole life.

If you have always wondered how Hollywood stars keep their youthful look, plastic surgery is the answer. It works and that is the reason many people will continue to go plastic surgery.

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It’s true that a lot of us have had bad experiences while sitting in our Dentists office. However, this is no reason for you to avoid the dentist!Below is a list of ways to ease your mind before you take your next trip to the Dentist.

1. Make sure you are working with the right Dentist for you!
You don’t go to restaurants where you dislike the food, concerts where you dislike the band or hair salons where you dislike the stylist. So why are going to a Dentist that you just don’t like? True, you may need to stay within network for insurance reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a Dentist you like better within your network. If you don’t have any major dental work coming up, choose a different dentist next time you go for a cleaning. A good dentist will be happy to address your questions or concerns and they will do their best to make you feel at ease the entire time you are sitting in their office.

2. Be honest with your Dentist!
When your Dentist asks if you’ve been flossing your teeth daily – chances are it is not because they are unsure. They are opening the door to starting a conversation with you about how to make the most out of your dental routine. You probably know regular flossing can protect you from gum disease and bad breath, but that is only the beginning. Research has shown that the bacteria that reside inside of the human mouth can lead to numerous serious illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and even respiratory diseases! Flossing is a simple habit that takes only a few minutes a day. It can literally add years to your life and save you thousands of dollars in medical bills.

3. Follow your Dentists instructions!
If your Dentist is advising you to switch toothpastes or use a softer brush, you need to heed their warning and do as they say. Dentists typically only see you once or twice a year, but so many health issues begin and end in the mouth. If they have a concern about something it is valid and could help prevent you from having numerous painful trips to the Dentist office in the future.

In conclusion, a good Dentist can be your best friend in a journey to a healthier you. They genuinely have your best interest in mind and the right Dentist will always seek to make you comfortable.

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My name isn’t Snookie and I am no reality TV show star but I was thinking about getting some porcelain veneers according to this list of cosmetic dentistry services, they sure looked good on Snookie. I was tired of the closed mouth smile I had been showing the world in nearly every photograph snapped for the last decade.

Smoking and bad dental habits left my mouth a disaster, several of my teeth had yellowed, some chipped and some just broke nearly all the way off. I wasn’t sure how much these porcelain veneers cost or what proverbial bank I would need to rob to get them, but I really wanted them.

I clicked pause on my DVR system and went into the bathroom imagining myself with a new glamorous smile. Things I’ve dreamed of doing like reading my poetry in front of a crowd came to mind. I liked the idea of veneers more than dentures because they are applied over your existing teeth. Dentures had crossed my mind before but I just wasn’t okay with having every tooth in my mouth pulled.

I hit up the Safari browser on my iphone and found a few local dentists and jotted down their numbers and began to make some calls to gather some information on local dentists.

I soon found out that there was only one dentist in this small town that even offered Veneers. So I made the last local call only to find out that the dentist had limited experience with veneers. I absolutely needed an experienced cosmetic dentist not only to ensure that the veneers looked good but because I was deathly afraid of the dentist.

I found one in the next state over and booked a consultation. The next Friday I made the trip and upon leaving the dentist, I had a mold taken for the production of my veneers and my shade selected. I was very excited. I had to take a small bank loan out to afford them but I just knew it would be worth it.

I returned the next week and the dentist went to work on my mouth while Eminem blared through my ear phones and I tried to forget where I was. When it was over the dental assistant said say cheese and snapped my after photo. Seeing the results I was glad I took the steps to restore my smile. Now who said reality TV is good for nothing?

For more information on porcelain veneers contact Dr Patrick Fields at (501) 941-2482


breast augmentationBreast augmentation is a procedure designed to enhance a woman’s breast through the surgical insertion of artificial implants. Of course there are women who
choose to undergo this procedure in order to increase the size of their breasts. However there are other reasons why women choose to undergo this procedure. Some women wish to balance a difference in breast sizes, or to improve body contour, or to correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy and nursing. However the reasons for undergoing breast augmentation should be that of the patient’s and no one else’s. So once you feel that having your breasts augmented is something you would like to do for yourself, take
the next step and find a surgeon in your area.

For more information about having plastic surgery in Beverly Hills Ca with Dr Jeff Hoefflin call 310-273-5100 today.

  • You may have bruising and swelling, causing the skin to turn yellow, pink, purple, or dark blue. This varies from patient to patient.
  • You will need to put antibiotic ointment on the incision behind your ears twice daily. If there is any tape on your incision, this must be left on at all times.
  • It is common to have some numbness, swelling and slight bleeding; this usually improves in days to weeks, but can take months to improve (especially numbness).
  • You may have to wear a facial band, which shall be left on until your follow up appointment the week after surgery.
  • You may shower 24 hours after surgery, but please allow incision behind the ears to dry thoroughly immediately after shower.
  • Avoid sun or UV light during this time.
  • If you experience extreme and sudden swelling to any surgical areas, excessive fluid/blood drainage from any surgical area, extreme pain, or a temperature of 101° F or greater, please call your surgeon


Rhinoplasty photo owned by Dr William Portuese

The amount of pain and discomfort after a rhinoplasty is usually mild, since there is no packing or splints placed inside the nose in our practice. Packing of the nose was popular 20-30 years ago and caused excruciating pain when the packing was removed. Most patients take a few medium strength narcotic pain relievers in the first few days after the procedure. Most patients complain about a dull headache behind their eyes and a mild burning sensation for the first day or 2 after the procedure. It’s very important not to bump or hit the nose the first month after the rhinoplasty procedure. Avoid strenuous activities and contact sports for at least one month.

Undergoing any type of surgery can be very emotional and needs to be well thought out and planned. In order for it be successful, you need to carefully compare your options and pick out a genuine surgeon that will guide you through the whole process in its entirety. This can be especially true for any plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty.

When deciding to get rhinoplasty, the first, most important step is doing research and choosing a legit surgeon. First, you can use recommendations by friends or well-known sources, such as other doctors. You can find lists of local surgeons online or in the phone book. This is just a start to the whole process. It is important to not just choose a surgeon from word or mouth or advertised ones you may find through online searches.

Once you have selected a few options, it is time to thoroughly find out more about these surgeons. Their backgrounds are very important. Ask them where they went to school, how long they have been practicing, what training has been conducted, and what is their success rate, as well as experience. This would mean finding out about how many revision or touch up surgeries needed to be conducted. Also, you should inquire about their skills and philosophy. It is very important to verify their credentials and certifications. You may even benefit from looking at example of jobs the surgeon has done. Another thing to consider is if they specialize in rhinoplasty or all plastic surgery in general. It may be more beneficial to find a surgeon that specializes in facial techniques, with mostly experience in rhinoplasty.

The entire staff and office should be evaluated as well. Is the office clean and well organized? Is the staff friendly and knowledgeable? Does the environment make you feel comfortable and well taken care of? These are some of the questions you need to ask as you compare surgeons. If the staff or surgeon is hesitant to answer any of your questions, or show you examples or results, this is not the surgeon for you. You need to make sure the doctor that will be performing your surgery is honest and caring.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a surgeon is how you feel about it as a patient. This is surgery that will be altering your nose and changing your looks. It is surgery that requires careful and precise incisions, as well as medical considerations during and after the operations. You, as a patient, need to feel comfortable about your choice and have no uncertainties.