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Dental Fillings Pain
If you are suffering from dental fillings pain, you have to consider how lately you had the tooth fillings put in. New tooth fillings may need some time of adjustment, so you can get OTC drugs or topics for treating the pain until the mouth heals. On the flip side, oral tooth fillings pain can be an indication that one of your dental fillings has broken or shifted and pain is caused due to the decay. Pain can also be an indication of a wrong dental filling procedure, so it is a wise decision to get in touch with your dental professional and get a consultation so that the doctor can inspect the tooth and see what’s causing the pain. If the damage is serious, then it may require a root canal. Mild pain can be easily treated with OTC drugs.
Your tooth will remain sensitive for a couple of days after the dental filling procedure. In spite of the fact that this affectability is a temporary condition, it could be unpleasant, so there are a few things you can do to alleviate the pain as well as the discomfort. The first thing you should do is ignore junk food and all those things which can induce sensitivity. Very hot as well as the cold drinks should also be avoided until the filling and your mouth are not adjusted. You should start using a sensitive toothpaste; post dental filling requires sensitive toothbrush as well.
You should contact your dentist if you feel pain and discomfort even after several weeks. It is recommended that your dentist should take x-rays of your teeth to examine the condition and to understand what’s causing the pain. Dental examination is important if you feel the pain, as this means there is something not good with the fillings. There are chances of infection as well; however, you don’t have to worry about it, as the dentist will prescribe some good antibiotics to clear the infection. He or she may likewise recommend a few more options or the treatments; root canals, crowns, replacing fillings, and more.